02-27-23 Code #13 – 300K Double Down Chips

02-27-23 Code #13 – 300K Double Down Chips

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The 20 Best Online Degrees To Get For Careers in 2023

  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Aviation
  • Engineering Management
  • Marketing
  • Environmental Science
  • Finance
  • Communication
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Human Resources
  • Industrial Organizational Psychology
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Data Science
  • Cyber Security
  • Game Design
  • Project Management
  • Accounting
  • Animation and Graphic Design
  • Criminal Justice
Each year we research which online degrees are best for potentially getting the highest paying careers. The 20 Best Online Degrees to get for Careers in 2023 is a list of online degree programs that have the highest salary potential. These online degrees are ranked by their salary potential – from highest to lowest. The high growth rates of many of these careers also means that many of these accredited online degree programs are the most in-demand for new jobs. The Research: We used salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and other salary aggregator sites to determine the average salaries of the careers relevant to these online programs. Well-paying new career fields emerge often in online education, such as Machine Learning Engineer and Blockchain Developer, that need to be included. Both of these subjects fall under Computer Science (#3). When deciding the online degree to choose, also consider what subject you actually want to study. Students who choose the major that they are interest in do better in online school programs. These degrees are available at the best online colleges as well. Many of these online degree programs may qualify graduates for a variety of different (but related) careers within the same field. For example, online education in subjects such as Business Administration, Finance, and Criminal Justice may lead to many different careers within their respective fields. These online degree options focus mostly on online bachelor’s programs. The two exceptions are Nurse Practitioner and Industrial and Organizational Psychology, which are online master’s programs. Some accelerated programs offer online classes. All online school programs mentioned offer online degrees respected as much as on campus programs. Prospective students should seek an accredited online college and look at the online format of their courses. Prospective students who want to get a degree online should also see the degree options that most appeal to them.

The 20 Best Online Degrees To Get For Careers in 2023

Business Administration

More students are attending online Business schools than any other online degree subject. Business Administration is ranked as the top online degree to get because of the many specialization options and the highest salary potential with only a bachelor’s degree. A Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA), or a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) may prepare graduates for many career options. The growth rates in these career fields remains high, adding new careers every year. Online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration usually requires 120 credit hours (which includes an associate’s degree). In general, a bachelor of Business Administration provides an in-depth study of the fundamentals of how business operates. An online BBA can offer a competitive edge over other business degrees because of its broad spectrum of business education. Examples of online BBA specializations:
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Marketing
A strong appeal of this degree is the income and stability that this degree can bring. Graduates who have a bachelor’s degree in business earn an estimated $2.6 million dollars over the course of their career (U.S. Census Bureau). Online Master of Business Administration (MBA): An MBA is one of the most popular online programs. MBAs offer many specializations and is versatile in many business fields. Online master’s degrees in Business Administration can give graduates a competitive advantage. A bachelor’s degree is required for admission. An MBA teaches graduate students deeper levels of business, often specializing in particular business concentrations. The same areas of focus are available in the MBA as are available, generally speaking, in any given BBA (see above). The usual requirement is 60 credit hours to graduate, and often takes two years.

Computer Science

With the information age, big tech and big data, companies are increasingly in need of Computer Scientists. There are more tech-oriented companies being created than ever before. Almost every domain of life is now subject to the internet and modern technology. In Web 3.0 Computer Scientists will be able to contribute apps and improvements to decentralized blockchains. Even farming equipment uses geolocation for precision agriculture. Computer scientists are at the forefront of almost all established and emerging technology fields. Across the board in Computer Science, the compensation is generous for both entry-level and management positions. There are many great degree options in online college. Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science Online students getting an online bachelor’s in Computer Science will learn skills such as coding, programming language, and software development. There are various concentrations that students may choose, depending on what a given online program offers, such as Artificial Intelligence. These online programs typically consist of 120 credit hours. The first two years are spent completing basic classes. The second two years are spent taking Computer Science major courses and electives. Typical employment requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. There are related degrees in subjects such as software development. Some colleges offer accelerated programs as well. Popular Computer Science Specializations and Related Degrees: Artificial Intelligence: Two online programs that are growing at online colleges and universities, and are in high demand from students is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). AI and ML are sub-disciplines of Computer Science, and often involve Data Science. Healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing industries are all using AI. Artificial Intelligence is the science of making machines that can think, understand, solve problems, and make predictions. Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence specializations are available as online programs at the undergrad and graduate levels. Accredited online degree programs prepare students to build learning models and test them to determine their capabilities.


An Airline Pilot is one of the highest paying careers with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree, and a pilot’s license, is often required to fly for commercial airlines. However, there are Aviation positions, such as private pilots, that don’t require a bachelor’s degree. What is required at all levels of flying is a pilot’s license. Online Undergraduate degrees in Aviation Colleges and Universities across the U.S. offer bachelor’s degrees in Aviation online. These include online bachelor’s in Aviation: Professional Pilot. Aviation and Professional Pilot bachelor’s degrees usually require 120 credit hours. Online degree options teach the basic courses in the two first two years of study. Online learners take the upper level Aviation major courses and electives for the second two years of study. Online programs focus on the same instruction as on campus degrees.

Engineering Management

Engineering Management is a degree field which is designed to prepare students to manage Engineers. Successful Engineering Managers can lead teams towards the completion of large scale projects by deadlines. Engineers design buildings, streets and transportation, water ways, architecture, and the like. Engineering Managers handle all of the business needs of these projects. Engineering Management Bachelor’s Degrees: Engineering Management bachelor’s degrees are available at online colleges. As with other bachelor’s degrees, the first two years are spent taking the basic courses. The second two years are spent taking upper-level major Engineering Management courses and electives. Students learn management principles within engineering disciplines. Examples of Engineering Management courses at Arizona State University’s online Bachelor of Science in Engineering: Engineering Management:
  • System Dynamics and Thinking
  • Project Management
  • Introduction to Systems Engineering
  • Principles of Programming
The average compensation is $149,530 per year as of 2020, making it one of the best paying fields of study. The growth rate is 4% to the year 2030.

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Getting Doubledown Codes: 2023 Guide

Doubledown codes are promotional codes that allow you to get free chips or coins to use in Doubledown games. These codes are usually given out by the game developers as a way to promote the game or as part of a special event. To get these codes, you can follow the official social media accounts of Doubledown, such as Facebook or Twitter, or sign up for their email newsletter. You can also check out other websites or forums that are dedicated to sharing Doubledown codes.

It’s important to note that some websites or individuals may offer Doubledown codes that are not legitimate or may try to scam you. Always be cautious when sharing personal information or downloading any files from unfamiliar sources, and remember that the safest way to get Doubledown codes is through official channels.

Additionally, it’s important to use Doubledown codes responsibly and to follow the terms and conditions of the game. Misusing codes or engaging in any fraudulent activity can result in the suspension or termination of your account.

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