03-01-23 Code #13 – 30 Double Down Spins

03-01-23 Code #13 – 30 Double Down Spins

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Best Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Degree Programs

A degree in psychology provides a solid foundation to launch a versatile career. Those schooled in psychology learn and train in many aspects of human behavior that apply to a variety of industries. Online interactions with fellow students around the world also provide invaluable experience in diversity and collaboration. This enhances a student’s understanding of human psychological behavior and interaction, further strengthening their educational experience. Experiences like these make an online bachelor’s in psychology highly valuable. Skills in critical thinking, communication, research and diversity – all developed through psychological studies – create a strong candidate for many fields. Potential job markets include case management, business, human resources, social work, research, administration and psychology. With these and many other options available, an online degree in psychology allows graduates to enter a growing and potentially lucrative field. According to findings by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, when looking at all possible occupations for psychology majors combined, median annual wage came in at $31,410. However, the range in earnings tell the real story of professional outlook in psychology, with clinical, counseling and school psychologists in the top 90th percentile of their field enjoying an annual wage of nearly $105,000; speech-language pathologists in the 90th percentile earnings come in just under $100,000. The BLS also ranked one field of psychology, industrial-organizational, as the fastest growing occupation, at 53% predicted growth between 2012 and 2022. While an online bachelor’s degree in psychology will open doors in many industries, students seeking a professional career directly in the field of psychology will most likely need additional schooling. By completing the bachelor-level degree online in an accelerated and potentially less-expensive format, students are able to get ahead in this career path. To help choose where to best begin this journey, take a look at the top online bachelor’s in psychology programs for 2016.

University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida offers more than 200 degrees on 12 campuses in one of the nation’s fastest-growing metro areas. Students interested in the school’s top major can earn the 120-credit BS in psychology without leaving home. The degree allows enrollees to customize their degrees with one of six tracks: general, clinical, experimental, human factors, neuroscience, and industrial/organizational psychology. Students examine topics such as biological principles and statistical methods, as well as three different subfields of psychology: cognitive, developmental, and social. Capstone projects allow enrollees to dig deeper into specific areas of interest, while faculty members encourage learners to conduct research and participate in fieldwork to apply their learning in real-world contexts. A student who transfers an associate of arts can complete this online psychology degree in just two years, as admission requires an AA or for students to meet general education requirements.

University of Florida – Online

At UF, students can join Gator Nation and complete affordable, high-quality programs respected by employers. The 120-credit BA in psychology prepares learners for graduate school and careers in diverse fields such as business, education, and healthcare. Students must complete all general education requirements, 40-47 credits of psychology coursework, and courses in biological science to receive this degree. The curriculum of the online psychology degree includes courses in comparative, developmental, and abnormal psychology. Students complete up to six credits of individual work that may consist of community work, undergraduate research, or a senior thesis. The school makes it easy to transfer credits, and with UF Online’s virtual career fairs and the largest on-campus career fair in the Southeast, students receive many opportunities for potential placement with employers. Admission requirements for competitive transfer students include a minimum cumulative 2.75 GPA and passing grades in prerequisite courses.

Florida International University

Founded in 1850, the University of Utah serves 31,000 students in programs delivered in classrooms with a 17-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio. Known for its innovative programs, the U offers a research-based psychology degree for undergraduates. The 122-credit BS in psychology consists of a 53-credit major and general education requirements that students can complete at the U or transfer. Enrollees receive comprehensive exposure to psychology through four of five available subfields: development, social, clinical, cognitive, and neuroscience. Some undergraduate programs do not provide students with exposure to the field of neuroscience, but at the U, students can acquire knowledge in one of four main areas in the field: cognitive neuropsychology, sensation and perception, neuropsychology of emotions and personality, or brain and behavior. Students may complete the major on a full- or part-time basis. Admission to one of the nation’s best online psychology degrees requires SAT or ACT scores and school transcripts. A transfer student should hold a minimum 2.6 GPA for consideration.

Brandman University

Brandman University, a school devoted to working professionals, operates a strong virtual college. The 120-credit BA in psychology offers a fully online or hybrid curriculum taught by scholar-practitioners with field experience. All students must fulfill general education requirements, which some enrollees use to transfer into the online psychology degree. In the major, they learn how to apply psychological theories in real-world scenarios, examine psychological principles from a historical perspective, and receive an introduction to the research methodologies used in behavioral science research. The degree allows each learner to choose a concentration in community, child, preclinical, gerontology, or industrial/organizational psychology. Originally designed to serve the Marine Corps, Brandman remains military-friendly by awarding a significant number of credits for military experience and offering one of the best online programs for veterans. All online students pay the same affordable tuition, regardless of residency. Admission requires at least 12 transferrable credits with a minimum 2.0 GPA. Career Outlook A bachelor’s in psychology provides a versatile foundation to pursue everything from teaching to technology, research to rehab. Career prospects include case management, social work, psychiatric technician, career counselor and rehabilitation specialist, to name a few. With growing numbers of psychologists needed in many industries, the job outlook is good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 12% growth in psychology jobs between 2012 and 2022. Beginning with an online bachelor’s in psychology, students can start their journey on the following career paths. Median salaries for each title are shown below:
  • Psychologist – $69,280
  • Mental Health Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist – $41,500
  • School Psychologist – $68,900
  • Social Worker – $44,200
  • Organizational Psychologist – $76,950
Keys To Online Success When enrolled in an online psychology program, it is important to fully utilize the online collaboration tools available. Because this degree is based on human behavior, interaction and analysis, it is important to include human interface as much as possible. Most programs offer opportunities to participate in discussion boards, video conferencing, live chats, group projects and other shared learning experiences. Distance learners in psychology should take advantage of these opportunities as much as possible. Next Steps Once you’ve earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, it is highly beneficial to remain in school and seek a master’s or doctorate. This will open up the most opportunities and provide the best pay. In psychology, the outlook is best for those with doctorates, followed by master’s, then bachelor’s. In fact, few BA recipients end up working in a field related to psychology. Many jobs are attainable with a bachelor’s, but they are often in other fields. Common industries include business administration, sales and education. For those deciding to stay in school for the additional degree attainment, job prospects are best for those with a doctoral degree in an applied specialty. Certifications include psychoanalysis, rehabilitation, forensics, school and group specialties. Beyond the diploma, licensing is also important in this field. For those seeking higher-level opportunities in psychology, such as private practice, it is necessary to acquire a license. This process involves obtaining a doctorate degree, accruing supervised hours, passing an exam and receiving approval by your state licensing board.

Online Psychology Degrees

Completing an online psychology degree program sets the stage for a rewarding career in a rapidly growing field. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the job outlook for psychologists is projected to grow 19% between 2014 and 2024, although demand will vary within specialized occupations. The field of psychology is fairly diverse, offering both counseling and research opportunities. Individuals who enjoy working independently, advising patients, and collaborating with physicians, social workers, or other care providers will be most successful in this field. Some licensed psychologists choose to open their own private practice, a path requiring basic business and marketing skills to excel. There is an increasing demand for clinical and counseling psychologists, and graduates with advanced certifications can pursue specialized fields such as child psychology or industrial-organizational psychology. Advances in technology and online learning platforms have made it possible for professionals to complete their psychology degree online, providing the opportunity to learn at their own pace from the comfort of their home or office. Many online psychology degrees from accredited schools provide ample opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the field through clinical training, and students with family obligations or work responsibilities often opt to complete psychology degrees online simply because it suits their lifestyle.



While it is possible for aspiring psychology professionals to complete an associate or bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree is required to pursue certification and licensure in this field. Doctorates are becoming more common as well, and the time invested in pursuing this degree will pay off considerably long-term. A master’s degree requires at least a six-year commitment to post-high school education, and a doctorate necessitates at least another four years beyond that.


Provides a broad perspective on the field of psychology with introductory courses that can serve as a foundation for a bachelor’s degree. Completing an associate in psychology degree online can help students earn transfer credits towards a bachelor’s degree and excel in their studies when they proceed to complete a four-year degree program.


Psychology, one of the most popular majors at American institutions, is an exciting discipline and applied science that explores the intricacies of human behavior. The domain consists of many specialties, such as social, clinical, experimental, and industrial-organizational psychology. Students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in psychology can acquire a strong understanding of human nature, mental processes, research methodologies, and research and writing techniques. This universal body of knowledge seamlessly transfers to occupations in diverse fields. If you plan to pursue a career as a psychologist, you need to complete a Ph.D. in psychology or Psy.D. to meet state licensure requirements. But many students who pursue bachelor’s in psychology degrees do not plan to pursue doctorates, instead using their degrees to seek employment in careers as psychiatric technicians, career counselors, human resources administrators, or rehabilitation specialists. PayScale notes that, based on the organization’s research of employers and compensation, someone who holds a bachelor’s in psychology often receives the most compensation in fields such as human resource management, operations management, project management, and marketing management. Those who continue to graduate school to pursue master’s or doctoral degrees can expect good job prospects, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS projects a 14% growth in the job outlook for psychologists between 2016 and 2026, double the average rate for all occupations. The schools listed on this ranking can provide learners with affordable online options that suit both first-year students and working professionals interested in earning online psychology degrees.


An online master’s in psychology provides an in-depth exploration of psychology through the study of human behavior, personality, and mental health. To become a licensed psychologist in the United States, one must hold at least a master’s degree and pass state and national exams. The theoretical and practical information gained in an online master’s degree in psychology prepares graduates to complete licensure requirements and work with clients, patients, and other individuals in need. Online master’s degrees in psychology also provide learners with experiential learning opportunities. With a master’s degree in psychology, students qualify to continue on to doctoral study or earn additional certifications. Most online master’s in psychology include concentrations in areas such as sports psychology, marriage and family counseling, and organizational psychology. Additional specializations like forensic psychology, substance abuse counseling, and school counseling allow you to branch out into professions in criminal justice, rehabilitation services, and education. Regardless of the specialization, however, graduates enter a robust job market. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects school and career counselors to see 13% growth through 2026, while general psychologists should see a 14% increase in the same time period. Meanwhile, substance abuse, behavioral disorder, and mental health counselors should all expect 23% growth through 2026.

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