03-02-23 Code #9 – 250K Double Down Chips

03-02-23 Code #9 – 250K Double Down Chips

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A Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology degree is a multidisciplinary field that utilizes theories and principles of both clinical and behavioral, as well as organizational psychology. On its own, Psychology—also termed practical psychology or Psychotechnics—deals with the human mind, consciousness, behavior, mental structures, and functions. As a general term, it is said to be the science of mental life that deals with the structural, functional, genetic, and social aspects of the science.

Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology is one of the most prominent subfields of Psychology, Students of Online Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology are taught to use scientific methods to develop answers and address practical issues concerning human behavior. The job outlook for Applied Psychology majors is predicted to increase over the year as a wide range of industries requires professionals in the field. It is the first step for students to become professionals in the field of mental health, education, or business. Upon earning the degree, they become key players in the marketing and advertising industries. They pay attention to consumer demographics and secure a successful campaign. Most importantly, Applied Psychology degree holders become members of the police force and land criminal justice professions. Many Applied Psychology experts assist in solving cases and prosecuting offenders.


Applied Psychology We cataloged The 14 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology Programs, featuring the colleges and universities offering web-based platforms for earning the degree. We highlight how these online schools adhere to the same standards as most brick-and-mortar degree programs, only with accelerated completion and flexible scheduling options. We emphasize each online Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology Program’s courses, quality of instruction, student-to-teacher ratio, and credit hour requirements. The schools were listed in random order based on the following considerations:
  • 100% Online or Hybrid formats, ease of credit transfers, prepares students for earning a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology,
  • Curriculum designed to teach the foundations of Applied Psychology, including Health Psychology, Abnormal Behavior, and Lifespan Development, among many others,
  • Psychological studies focusing on all needs: Physical, Social and Psychological aspects of human behavior and its effects on business environments and personal relationships,
  • Encourages personal growth through studies in Applied Psychology, as well as, community outreach involvement,
  • Proper Regional Accreditation,
  • Financial Aid options, including Grants, Military Discounts, Scholarship opportunities, as well as, Work Tuition Assistance programs,
  • Meets curriculum standards required by the American Psychological Association,
  • Diverse Elective and/or Concentrations tailored to fit your career choice in Psychology,
  • Provides Internship opportunities to gain real-world experience,
  • Improves research, data and analysis capabilities.


University of Massachusetts Amherst

Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program in Applied Psychology

The University of Massachusetts is one of the most well-respected online higher education school systems in the country, and the Amherst campus provides an outstanding online bachelor’s degree completion program in Applied Psychology. As such, it allows students to transfer up to 105 previously earned credits from another college or university, which is much more than most other degree completion programs allow. This psychology undergraduate is provided through the University Without Walls, which is a department within UMass Amherst that is entirely committed to providing online students with all of the most supportive and extensive resources possible. It is an excellent degree for students who have years of experience in professional psychology, as well as newcomers to the career. Among the many specializations are:
  • educational and social psychology,
  • child psychology and development,
  • abnormal psychology,
  • cognitive behavior,
  • addiction,
  • and leadership and organizational behavior.
A focus on applied psychology in Interdisciplinary Studies can launch your career in areas such as mental health and addiction services, counseling and administration, substance abuse prevention and treatment, victim advocacy, case management, human services, social services, and child and youth services.

City University of Seattle

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology

The City University of Seattle provides a full, 180-credit undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology that can be completed entirely at a distance. The program provides preparation for careers in human services, counseling, education, and business. To provide highly effective psychological services for diverse future clients, students work diligently to enhance their expertise in:
  • interpersonal skills,
  • critical-thinking capabilities,
  • ethical consciousness,
  • and cross-cultural awareness.
The immersive curriculum offers opportunities for students to delve deeply into various psychological approaches and apply major theories of personality. Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology graduates can pursue rewarding careers in counseling, social work, and human services. In order to pursue careers as counselors, psychologists, or social workers, most graduates go on to earn advanced degrees, such as a Master of Arts in Counseling. It is an accelerated online bachelor’s in psychology that can be completed in as little as three years. Their applied psychology faculty includes active practitioners with expertise in behavioral theories, abnormal psychology, neuropsychology, and ethics; family dynamics, organizational issues, and diversity. Did You Know? You can save time and money by taking your education at National University System affiliate institutions, which offer programmatic pathways for building on your degree and adding specializations or degrees to your degree.

Biola University

B.S. in Applied Psychology

Biola University offers an accelerated online Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology degree in which students complete flexible coursework over seven-week terms. The curriculum is designed in an asynchronous format, which means that students can take their classes on an entirely independent schedule. Each student is matched with a personal success coach who helps them navigate the intricacies of the degree and the profession. Upon exiting the program, graduates have a refined understanding of their personal pursuits and goals in applied psychology. At Biola, all of the coursework is taught from a biblical perspective and integrates principles of Christianity throughout all online programs. Some of the course topics that students will undertake include:
  • psychology and Christian thought,
  • marriage and family life,
  • and counseling techniques.
The fully online applied psychology program is ideal for students of any academic level, and prepares you for graduate school. You can also minister in real world situations, influencing people in your local church, at work, and in your community. Get enrolled now and complete the degree in as little as 24 months. Did You Know? You can test out an online Applied Psychology class for free. You can experience their online platform firsthand by taking this Abnormal Psychology class free of charge. Through a variety of learning assignments, you will experience the “real world” of psychopathology.

Hodges University

Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology from this online school is considered by many reputable resources to be one of the best in the nation. Hodges University provides a curriculum that allows students to explore the profession as it applies to multiple demographics and personality types. There are video recordings in the courses as well as the option to participate in live chats that provide an opportunity to share experiences in a virtual setting. Graduates go on to work in community agencies, hospitals, substance abuse counseling services, case management, and hospices. The coursework includes exciting learning opportunities such as:
  • creating mock treatment plans for different patients
  • and utilizing community-based resources.
A variety of projects, and discussions will teach you about human behavior, including a favorite course, “Experimental Psychology.” Individuals exiting Hodges University are well-prepared to sit for any applicable certification examination, such as the Certified Addiction Professional exam. Did You Know? Hodges University has consistently ranked very high compared to its ICUF peers, with average baccalaureate graduates’ earnings consistently in the top five for graduates employed between 2011 and 2019. According to FETPIP, Hodges University aims for 65% of its students to have earning a bachelor’s degree and be employed.

Why choose online Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology?

The field of human services is on experiencing tremendous growth, leading to more opportunities for students who have earned a degree in Psychology with a concentration in Applied Psychology. The time is ripe for taking advantage of the new roles made available to those who are seeking to gain expertise in understanding the human personality. Based on the data presented by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Psychology-related career opportunities are predicted to grow through the year 2024. With promising career paths on the horizon, choosing a degree in Applied Psychology is the perfect foundation for your professional life.

What do students learn in an online degree in Applied Psychology?

Earning a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology is a great stepping stone for a career in the fields of education, business, community service, leadership and management, and mental health care. The curriculum for the program will cover the necessary foundational areas in Psychology, including behavioral, cognitive, developmental, organizational, and social psychology. Those who major in the field have the opportunity to review core case studies and become acquainted with the best practices in research methods.

What can you do with a Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology?

After completing the required credit hours of the program, graduates may find employment in various industries including business, community service, management, leadership, mental health care, and education. Degree holders can become behavior and behavioral disorder specialists, substance abuse experts, mental health counselors, human resources managers, or market research analysts. Professionals in this field are very hands-on with the behavioral issues that affect patients. Also, they have to develop individualized treatment plans and find a way to support patients during treatment. Human resource and market research analysis careers deal with the dynamics of the workplace.

How can I become a psychiatrist?

If your long-term goal is to become a psychiatrist, it’s only wise to know how to become one early on. The challenge, however, is that a Psychology degree will not suffice. Psychiatrists must earn their Doctor of Psychiatry degree from accredited medical schools. In addition to practicing Psychotherapy, Psychiatrists can prescribe oral or injection medications to treat serious mental illnesses, thereby requiring a solid medical background. In order to prepare in-depth patient interventions, psychiatrists must have undergone more advanced training than psychologists. Mental Health is a subject psychiatrists understand deeply. Physicians often refer patients with mental illnesses to psychiatrists. Psychologists and psychiatrists sometimes collaborate so that patients receive comprehensive care. It takes a psychiatrist several years to graduate from college and medical school before finally becoming eligible for professional practice! After completing a bachelor’s degree, it usually takes about eight to ten years to become a psychiatrist. Psychologists, on the other hand, could begin practicing after five years of graduate school. If you ultimately plan on psychiatrist, you can use your psychology degree and proceed to med school.

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