General Education Social Science: TOP Ultimate LET Review 2023

General Education Social Science: TOP Ultimate LET Review 2023

General Education Social Science Area

This page focuses on the Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers in General Education Social Science.

General Education Social Science is among the coverage of the Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers in both Elementary Education and Secondary Education aspiring teachers.

This area or coverage covers a weight of 20 percent of the total items in the test. Meaning, out of 150 items in General Education test, 30 questions (150 x 0.20 = 30) are from Social Science area. 

To extract, General Education in Social Science covers the following topics:

     Philippine Government and the New Constitution (with Human Rights)

Demonstrate understanding of the various forms of government from the barangay to the present system.

     Explain the nature and provisions of the present constitution, its advantages and disadvantages over the others in the past and its functions as fundamental law of the state.

     Philippine History 

     Trace the history of the Philippines from pre-colonial period to contemporary period
     Draw the implications of the historical evolution of the Philippines to its present socio-political condition.

     Basic Economics, Taxation, Agrarian Reform 

     Manifest understanding of the Philippine economic condition with respect to taxation, land reform and cooperative as well as to the growth of its Gross National Product.

     Apply the fundamental economic principles to the current economic condition of the Philippines.)

     Society and Culture with Family Planning 

     Apply the basic concepts, theories, and perspectives which relate to society, culture and family planning in life. 

     Recognize cultural elements that are distinctly Filipino.

     Rizal and Other Heroes 

     Analyze how Rizal’s life and works have contributed to the country’s development and Evaluate the contribution of other Philippine heroes and heroines to the development of the country.

     Philosophy of Man 

     Analyze the nature of the Filipino, the Filipino society and the emerging Filipino philosophy.

     Manifest a critical and analytical attitude toward specific issues and problems in daily life.

     Appreciation of Arts 

     Demonstrate understanding of the totality of human experience by formulating a human perspective that integrates all areas of knowledge

     Manifest appreciation of art as a result of an integrative and wholistic view of life.

     General Psychology 

     Apply the basic concepts and theories of human behavior.

     Information and Communication Technology 

     Manifest mastery of fundamental concepts, principles and operations of information and communication technology. 

     Identify varied and appropriate use of technology

     Analyze the effect/impact of ICT on the environment)

Source: Philippine Regulatory Commission

General Education in Social Science

Below are some exercises of the Licensure Examination for Teachers in General Education Social Science. Some of the questions already appeared in the previous LET. 

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